Saturday, June 1, 2013


Jealousy is related to the human heart. It is an unhappy or angry feeling. Everyone has the feeling of jealousy. It is a human quality. It has got many disadvantage. one cannot make friends with the feeling . He/she become selfish. For example, in our Nepal traditional society, if another man talks with one's wife, the husband becomes jealous and scolds his wife. If we see other beautiful wife, we become jealous. The children become jealous of the other's chocolate. If one student passes the exam and his friends can not they will be jealous of the student's success. so, one's success is the other's jealousy.

                    on the other hand jealousy has many advantages. It creates the feeling of competition and a person tries to get success. Without jealousy, there is no success. one can become laborious with it . Nevertheless jealousy is the negative aspect of human being. It ruins man's life. It makes man unsocial. so in my opinion it is not good to be jealous in one's success.

        jealousy may have positive effect also. If anyone feels jealousy on others achievement and if they try to be like them, it encourages to develop something. jealousy should  be converted to the creativity.  it should not be taken as a negative factor. but no one should be jealous to any one unnecessarily. that hurts oneself and others too.